Nursery Rhymes are great Source of Developing Language

The nursery rhymes are important contributor of developing language skills of your babies. The language skills include both written and oral. It is a fact that the listening comprehension is learnt before the oral comprehension. The first thing that babies are observing are listening to different sounds and voices. First of all the babies are developing sense of differentiation among the sounds. While listening to the sounds their comprehension skills are continuously under development.

The nursery rhymes can play a very distinct role during the period of development of comprehension skills. This is because these rhymes are often based on story and almost all sentences end at same pronunciation. The babies are creating images of the stories in their minds, improving their creativity. If the rhyme is with video along audio, that can be best source of development.

The kids are continuously coming across new vocabulary and new language while listening to the nursery rhymes. The kids may point them out and you need to make them understand at the point. Sometimes there are dramatic plays over the rhymes. Such dramatic plays can exploit your child for better language. The scenes will provide your kids the clear picture of the meaning of rhyme and hence they can understand and grasp it well.

A Look at Mathematics and Physics Degree

One of the hardest college majors that a student can take at colleges are mathematics and physics degree. Many students also go on to take joint major in both mathematics and physics. The courses for these majors, i.e. mathematics and physics are quite demanding and also challenging in nature. Both mathematics and physics degrees belong to the STEM group. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. There is a great importance of education of STEM due to its benefits. It is no surprise that mathematics and physics degrees offer a wide variety of career pathways for the students as these two majors are from the STEM group. If you are someone who came across this article to know more about mathematics and physics degree, then you have come to the right place. This article will take a look at mathematics and physics degree for you.

STEM subjects are also treated with importance in most countries such as India. Many point out that there is education problem in India, but in the recent times, this problem is being addressed through the modification in the syllabus of school education in India.

This article will take a look at the mathematics and physics individually, with mathematics first and these are mentioned in the below sections for you.

A look at the mathematics degree:

  • Mathematics degrees can be studied as both online and traditional degree. There are two branches of mathematics that students can decide to specialize in. These branches of mathematics are: applied and pure mathematics. Mathematics is available at various levels such as associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and PhD.
  • Those who are planning to study for the mathematics bachelor’s degree have got a wide variety of choice. For bachelor’s level, students can pursue any of Bachelor of Science and Bachelors of Arts. There is a small difference between pursuing Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Bachelors of Arts in Mathematics. For bachelor’s of science in Mathematics, students are required to take a lot of in-depth mathematical components and also science based courses. For The Bachelors of Arts in Mathematics, students are required to take more liberal arts courses than the mathematics courses and science courses. Some universities also offer a specialized curriculum for bachelors for mathematics, Bachelor of Mathematics (BMath) for the students. Mathematics can also be studied as a joint degree with various majors such as Chemistry, physics, economics and business etc.

If you decide to pursue mathematics degree, you can go for a wide range of various career pathways. Some careers that you can pursue with your mathematics degree are listed below:

  • Accountancy and finance: You can pursue careers in accountancy and finance with your mathematics degree. However, you will need some further professional examinations to do so.
  • Banking sector
  • Actuarial career
  • Statistician career
  • Academia and research: This is one of the most common pathways for many mathematics graduates who goes on to the graduate school and pursue advanced mathematics degree. However, to pursue a career in academia and research, students will need to obtain higher level degrees such as PhD as most research related jobs asks for PhD degrees.

Other career paths that are open to mathematics graduates are:

  • Medical school: mathematics graduates can also pursue medical school but to do that they will need some prerequisites as well. Also, they need to take MCAT exam and have a very strong GPA to get a place in medical schools.
  • Law school: mathematics graduates can also pursue law schools but to do that, they will need to take LSAT exam and need to have very high GPA and great extracurricular activity participation.
  • Those with mathematics degree can also pursue an MBA degree if they want to switch to the commerce and business sector.

A look at physics degree:

Physics is more commonly studied as a traditional degree rather than an online degree; however, there are many physics online courses available online. One can pursue a physics degree at various levels such as associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and PhD. Students who are pursuing a bachelors degree in physics can either study for bachelors in Arts for physics and bachelors in Science for physics. However, students mainly pursue bachelors in science degree, while some universities do offer the former degree. Physics does offer a lot of career pathways, however, students who study for the physics degree go on to graduate school for studying advanced degrees in physics. Students can also study for a joint degree in physics with physics and mathematics being more common and more popular as both fields overlap quite a lot.

Some of the careers that can be pursued by those who study physics are:

  • Academia and research: this is one of the most popular pathways for students as most of the students go on to graduate school for further study.
  • Secondary education: students can pursue careers in secondary education and become secondary school teachers; however, additional exams may need to be taken.
  • Medical school: students will need prerequisites and very high grades and needs to take MCAT exam.
  • Law school exam: students will need to take LSAT exam and need very high GPA as well.
  • Computer programming
  • Engineering