Nursery Rhymes are great Source of Developing Language

The nursery rhymes are important contributor of developing language skills of your babies. The language skills include both written and oral. It is a fact that the listening comprehension is learnt before the oral comprehension. The first thing that babies are observing are listening to different sounds and voices. First of all the babies are developing sense of differentiation among the sounds. While listening to the sounds their comprehension skills are continuously under development.

The nursery rhymes can play a very distinct role during the period of development of comprehension skills. This is because these rhymes are often based on story and almost all sentences end at same pronunciation. The babies are creating images of the stories in their minds, improving their creativity. If the rhyme is with video along audio, that can be best source of development.

The kids are continuously coming across new vocabulary and new language while listening to the nursery rhymes. The kids may point them out and you need to make them understand at the point. Sometimes there are dramatic plays over the rhymes. Such dramatic plays can exploit your child for better language. The scenes will provide your kids the clear picture of the meaning of rhyme and hence they can understand and grasp it well.