Shopping and Technology: A Look at Online Shopping

shopping and technology: a look at online shopping

Technology has become fast paced and advanced a lot that has seen some major impacts in our daily lives. Technology has affected a lot of sectors such as education, business and also shopping. In the recent times, we can see that online shopping has become a very popular option amongst others. If you have come across this article and you are looking for some information on online shopping, then you have come to the right place to look for the important information. This article will take a look at shopping and technology: a look at online shopping.

Shopping and technology: a look at online shopping

  • 10-15 years ago, online shopping concept didn’t exist at all. Online shopping has a lot of convenience to the customers and also the stores as well. No day’s it is not uncommon to see online stores on the web. One can purchase a variety of products such as best walking sandals, near-custom fit shoes or even best nursing shoes, for those who are looking to purchase shoes and sandals online or even buy desktop or laptop. A lot of consumers are also turning to online shopping as it offers a lot of benefit to the consumers and provides them with great shopping conveniences. This section will take a look at the online shopping and these are listed below:
  • Online shopping is a form of electronic commerce and this will allow the consumer will directly be able to purchase the goods and also the services from the stores from the internet by using a web browser. The consumer will be able to find a product that they want to purchase by visiting the website of the store directly.
  • The store that is online based will have the products that are for sale. Customers will need to have an access to the internet and device. Also, the customer will need to have a valid method of payment to complete the transaction after purchasing the product(s). And these methods of payment can be a credit card, debit card that is interacting based or PayPal etc.
  • There are many online stores of good reputation such as, Alibaba, and eBay. Customers from any country all over the world will be able to purchase any item ranging from clothing item, books, electronic items, etc. and the product will be shipped to them. However, the online store shipping service should be available to them. If not, there are also alternative means to get the purchased products from the online stores.
  • In the recent times, with the inception of social media such as Instagram and facebook, many online stores have flourished through these social media platforms. For example, if we take the example of facebook, the online stores can reach out to a larger customer base. The customers are able to get access to the online store’s page either through a friend recommendation, which has used the service of the online store. Customers can also get to know about the online stores through the advertisement on the facebook. The customers can order on the page and then pay for the product by advance payment and after payment and receive the purchased product from the online store.

Some methods of product delivery that are used by the online stores are as follows:

  • Shipping of the product(s) – where the products are shipped to the customer’s given address. The retail delivery of the package is done through the postal system or there are also many retail couriers such as DHL, FedEx, UPS and also TNT.
  • Drop shipping is another method of delivering the purchased products from the online stores where the order is passed to either to the third party distributor or the manufacturer, who then will ship the product to the consumer directly and also the bypassing the physical location of the retailer and this saves the time, space and also money.
  • In-store pickup is another method where the consumer will purchase the required products through online stores website and after purchase, the customer will then go to the store to pick up the purchased items. And this is done by using the locator software and this method is mostly followed by the bricks and click business models.
  • In the case of ticket purchasing or digital products- the product delivery methods are as follows:
  • Downloading or digital distribution- this method is used for the music, software, images or movies.
  • Printing out or emailing of certain items such as admission ticket or either gift certificate and coupons. These can be easily redeemed at any physical points and also their eligibility is verified.
  • COBO will call or otherwise at the door pickup service for the items that were purchased by the customers. Through this certain service, customers will be able to purchase tickets online and the service popularity has increased over the time.

There are many tech startups that provide the businesses with the required technology and the biggest challenges for the tech startups are to offer convenience to both business and customer through technology. Many online business websites use various types of security such as McAfee and Symantec.

However, not all these shipping methods are available to a single website but each online stores will have one or two of the shipping method.